Debre Damo

Posted By on March 1, 2015


The oldest and most distinguished marvelous monastery of Debre Damo was founded in the sixth century by Abuna Aregawi who climbed the mountain by the help of Serpent.

As legend says, Abune Aregawi, is one of the ‘nine saints’ who taught gospel in the 6th century.

On top of the Imba there are two churches. The first was constructed during the time of Emperor Gebre- Meskel, the Ethiopian king who reigned in the 6 century.

Today accessibility to the flat- topped “Imba” (plateau) mountain is only possible by using the 15 meter leather rope that is hanging down from the summit.

The monastery of Debre Damo possesses many treasures including ancient manuscripts.

Visiting the monastery emotionally takes you back to the distant past of Ethiopian religious life.


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