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Abijata Shala National park

Abijata Shala National park is situated in the Great Rift Valley, it is 200 kilometers south of Addis Ababa. The park has an area of 887 square kilometers. Among these 482 of the body of the park ranges from 1540 to 2075 meters. The surrounding area is mainly acacia wood land; some of the part is degraded by man. Lake Abijata is a shallow lake only 14 meters deep. Lake Shalla is the deepest lake among the rift valley lakes having 260 meters deep. Lake Shala is separated to the south from Lake Abijata by a strip of land has a delightful view of its deep blue color with excellent reflections of the magnificent western hills. At the north eastern shore of Lake Shala, a tumbling cascade of hot springs and vapor that have curative rush out from the north eastern hill side down to the bay.

Wild life: This park hosts 31 species of mammals such as spotted Hyena, Golden and Black Backed Jackals, Olive Baboon, Grant’s gazelle, etc.

Birds: Myriad of endemic and exotic birds that come from Europe and different parts of the world congregate here in at lake Abijata . July to September being the peak season of congregation (and best time to watch birds) in the year, hundreds of thousands of flamingoes and great white pelicans, fish eagles, kingfishers, the tall marabou stork ,cormorants and Darters, etc. roam here in lake Abijata and in the side- by lake Shala. There are also vast colonies of scared Ibis, Queela, stilt, Snope Black Heron, Avocet, Egyptian Geeze, Eglets, Plovers, etc

Lake Langano which is best known for its beaches, camping, sailing, skiing and swimming facilities. It can be a base for easy trip to visit Abijatta- Shalla Lakes National parks.

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