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Famous festivals of Ethiopia

Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash):

The celebration encompasses both the New Year and the feast of John the Baptist on the 11th of September which is at the end of Ethiopian rain season; on this day the people put on new clothes and visit friends and relatives.
The Ethiopian new year’s also honors the seasonal transition from the heavy rainy season to the bright ones.

The findings of the True Cross (Meskel):

The feast commemorates the findings of the true cross up on which Jesus was crucified by Empress Elena, the mother of Constantine the great. It is an interesting religious event which takes place on September 27 among Orthodox Christians every year. The event is taken place with massive bonfire.

Gena (Lidet, Christmas):

Christmas is falling on the 7th of January; it is celebrated inside a church throughout the night at the eve of the feast day which begins at 6 AM and lasts until 9 AM.
After the mass service, people go home and eat meat of chicken or lamb with Injera accompanied by traditional drinks.

Timkat (Epiphany):

The most colorful event in the year falling on the 19th of January; at the eve of Epiphany Churches take their Tabots to a nearby body of water and stays overnight with the priests and faithful congregation. The following day morning, Christ’s baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist is commemorated. After the ceremony, the Tabots are returned back to its Church accompanied by much singing and dancing.

Fasika (Easter)
Easter is a festival that follows a fasting period of 55 days. During lent time Orthodox Christians do not eat meat and dairy products for the whole 55 days.
Followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church daily pray at the Church and do not eat until 3 PM, except Saturday and Sunday when prayers are conducted early in the morning.
The followers of the religion spend Easter Eve at the Church praying until 3 am when it is announced that Christ has risen!
On Easter eve people go to church and celebrate with candles which lit during a colorful Easter mass service starting at about 6 PM in the evening and ends at about 3 AM after mid-night when it is announced that Christ has risen!
Then everyone goes home and eats the meat of chicken or lamb, accompanied with Injera and traditional drinks.

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