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Addis Ababa

In1881 Emperor Menelik II made his permanent settlement / camp at Entoto. After a certain period of time because of the difficulties which they faced while climbing up from the south, the lack of wood, the problem to fetch up water, and for the number of thunderstorms, Entoto proved unsuitable.

Emperor Menelik set up his permanent capital at the foot of the hill in the year 1886, mainly attracted by the hot springs (Filwoha).

After seeing a new flower near by the hot springs, king Menelik and his wife Empress Taitu gave the name Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital and Africa’s political capital, it is the seat of the head quarter of African Union, the head quarter of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and it is also the seat of more than 90 embassies.

The population of Addis Ababa currently is about five million.

We have a half day and a full day city tour in Addis Ababa since it has a number of historical, cultural and archaeological attractions.

Addis Ababa City Tour (Full Day)

Trinity Cathedral:

The Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is a beautiful church with European architecture style.

It is the most important church in Ethiopia and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

This church is a mausoleum of the last emperor of Ethiopia – Haile Selasie and his wife.

National Museum:
Comprised of many archaeological and historical artifacts.

In this Museum you can visit the 3.2 million years old, famous hominid fossil “Lucy” locally known as “Dinknesh”. It is found in Afar depression in 1974 by Doland Johnson. The museum provides you a great introduction about Ethiopia.

Ethnological Museum:
Located in the main campus of the Addis Ababa University and founded by the Institute of Ethiopian Studies with the aim to preserve the country’s historical and cultural heritages. This museum has collections that describe the tribal groups’ culture and traditions within Ethiopia.

Merkato: One of the biggest markets in Africa where you can get nearly everything including cloth, shoes, spices, herbs, chicken, mattress, carpets, curtains, plumbing equipment, cafes, restaurants and many more to see.  Here in Merkato, you can bargain to purchase what interests you.

Beata Mariam church (it is a Mausoleum church)

The church was constructed by the daughter of Menelik the II, Empress Zewditu in 1911. Here in the underground of the church, you can find the remains of King Menelik (II), Etege Taitu and Queen Zawditu.

St. George Cathedral:
Located in the heart of the city, is where Emperor Haile Selassie was coronated as the Emperor of Ethiopia. Its museum holds clothes and belongings of the former Ethiopian kings, religious crosses, and numerous manuscripts and paintings.

Mount Entoto:
Has an altitude of 3200 meters, it is the highest peak for Addis Ababa and the surrounding.

In Entoto, you can visit the palace of Menelik-II, the founder of Addis Ababa, the museum of the church of Saint Marry. It also offers wonderful views of the capital, Addis Ababa and surrounding.

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